© Alexandra da Fonseca, 2005 — 2023

Alexandra da Fonseca — was born on the 30th of April 1976 in Krasnodar, Russia. In 1997 she graduated from the Faculty of Art of Kuban state university. She is a member of the Russia's Painters union since 2002.

In her art, the young artist combines the expression of the twenty-first century with the traditions of the Old Masters. Her canvases glow misteriously with a Ruby light from the rich apparel of «Odalisques», burst out from the purple veils of «Oriental Dance», glow in the luxurious veils of the madonnas in «Venetian Night».

The mystery of art, the celebration of the brush, the touching on the secret, always evasive and alluring — these are the many emotions that we feel, looking at the canvases of the young and talented artist. This is a new world, a world that is unique and good, a world that is bright and sublime, the world that Alexandra gives to us.


  • Exhibition of Kuban artists «Biennale», 1997;
  • Exhibition of young Kuban artists, 1999;
  • Regional exhibition «Biennale», 1999;
  • Republican exhibition «Young Russia», 2001;
  • Regional exhibition «Art-Ekaterina», 2002-2003;
  • Exhibition of Kuban artists «Biennale», 2001;
  • Exhibition of portraits «The Kuban portrait», 2003;
  • Regional exhibition «South of Russia», 2003.