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Painting Graphics
Still life with a watermelon
Walk in Summer Garden
Toast to Rembrandt
«Still life with a watermelon» «Snowdrops» «Walk in Summer Garden» «Toast to Rembrandt»
Artist and Model
Cyclamens and seashell
Still life with a watermelon and wine
Still life with a burning candle
«Artist and Model» «Cyclamens and seashell» «Still life with a watermelon and wine» «Still life with a burning candle»
Still life with a candle and a glass of wine
A fiddler in love
Venus visiting Velaskes
Still life with a pomegranate and a candle
«Still life with a candle and a glass of wine» «A fiddler in love» «Venus visiting Velaskes» «Still life with a pomegranate and a candle»
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